The Bourne Legacy

Matt Damon… Er, I mean ,um … Jeremy Renner!

This does look freaking awesome and it’s good that they’ve changed it up with a different character. The last one was getting a little boring (I fell asleep when I watched it) and only got good right at the end. This time Renner is playing Aaron Cross/Kenneth Kitson(apparently) which opens up a lot more possibilities of beating the living hell out of people.Namely shooting a nail out of a fire extinguisher! OH YEAH!

Plus he seems a lot more super-powered(hawkeye powered?) than Bourne. Whether that’s because they seem to be injecting him with some wolverine healing serum or that the trailer makes it look like he just took down a plane with a sniper rifle.

And hey look it’s made instantly better with Edward Norton being in it seeing as he had the spare time from not doing The Avengers.

Damn it, he would of been so good in that.

Ruffalo do NOT f*** it up. Or Hulk will … Hulk will … *sob* be very sad *cry*.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I wasn’t excited when a new spider-man franchise was announced so quickly after the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire franchise.

Yet with this trailer … I’m hyped.

Web shooters. YES! Emma Stone. HELL YES! Rhys Ifans. YES!

No dodgy looking Mirrors edge CGI. YES!

Director of 500 days of Summer …  I’m Not afraid to say that film is awesome so YES!


Oh well, hopefully there will be 2D screenings. Just so I don’t break the glasses while facepalming at 3D.

Super Bowl Trailer Time! Wahoo!

The Super Bowl is a big deal in America which means that advertisement is also a big deal. Therefore we get some much needed new footage of upcoming films to feast our eyes on. Wahoo! Oh and the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots by 21-17 just in case you were actually interested in the game.

The Avengers

“I have an Army”

“We Have A Hulk”


Definitely this years blockbuster (hulk) smash hit. Just a shame we didn’t see any footage of any of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents like Agent Coulson and Maria hill who I hope get to see a lot of screen time. Especially Coulson, played by the hilariously vague Clark Gregg, who was mostly kept in the shadows for Iron Man and Thor. It will also be fun to see How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders as Hill because it will be a hell of a lot different from her normal sitcom role. I also heard a rumour that Maria Hill was going to be given superpowers which of course would be really lame but I don’t think there’s too much truth in it … hopefully.


If you don’t sink my battleship now, I will look for you, I will find you and I will sink your battleship. Oh … You sunk my battleship.

Heard of Battle Los Angeles anyone? No I’m not talking about the Rage Against The Machine album, I’m talking about the film starring Aaron Eckhart that had a big hollywood blockbuster feel yet wielded little creativity. Sounding more familiar now? Let’s just say I’m fearing for this movie because we’ve seen these CGI big alien explosion  effects hundreds of times and we’ve encountered maybe even more similar stories.

However i’m being way too cynical. I mean Liam Neeson is in it and he’s commanding a Battleship.


Bonus: Matthew Broderick’s Day Off.

Ever wonder what Ferris Bueller got up to when he’s a grown up? Well now you can … sort of. Just try and surpass the fact that it’s a Honda ad and Broderick is just playing himself.

My Ferris Bueller sequel script has probably gone out the window now. I suppose having the same name as a famous director doesn’t give you much leeway in Hollywood.



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