21 Jump Street

They’re too old for this shift

Shut up Internet! I know I’m supposed to roll out weekly content for anyone to give a damn about my blog but I’m a busy guy, ok! That is if you count playing the xbox as being busy then I suppose that last comment was true… ish.


soo anywho … 21 Jump st review! oh yeah, I’m supposed to be doing that … three weeks ago!!!

Channing Tatum and Jonah hill are two high school drop-outs(go to the same school btw) and yet aren’t the best of friends because of schools own stereotypical social stature. e.g Hill is the nerd and Tatum the jock. Once they both find themselves in police academy (8) they suddenly find themselves becoming the best of friends. But however they’re not the greatest at their job and so they are sent to 21 jump St (undercover high school police operation) to stop a new type of drug being dealt around schools. Meanwhile they now have to go through the new updated high school social groups (with Hill now popular and Tatum with the nerds), still being criticised as worthy policemen and are in turn hilariously lectured by Ice cube.

First off … This movie is probably the funniest movie of the year. The drug scene in which they have 5 different stages of tripping, is just balls out funny (I’m so witty with my comments). Jonah hill is at his comedic best but I’ve now seen a more entertaining side of Channing Tatum (unless you find bad acting entertaining) that I was pleasantly surprised with. The dude is a natural movie comedian and I hope to see him in more comedy action type films(apart from the GI:Joe trying to be too serious you have to laugh at it films). So many side-splitting scenes it’s hard to count the brilliance that is this film. A definite for anyone’s DVD collection.

I know the producers of the film told me not to write this but um … god damn it! I’m going to write this anyway … I fucking love this film. They are the best band … er film ever! Ladies & gentlemen … Tenacious D!!! Wait what was I writing about again?

The EPICNESS of tenacious D aside (check out Rize of the Fenix), for all it’s comedy greatness 21 Jump St didn’t really live up to that 5 star level that Tripod Film hold in such a high regard. Some bromance scenes between Tatum and Hill were a bit awkward and unnecessary and some scenes were poorly edited(like this review to be honest). Plus the scenes without the leading duo (which was uncommon) felt lacking of the films goofy feel good atmosphere.

Fuck it! I’m nitpicking here and even though I don’t feel it merits 5 stars (for some solid reason that I just can’t think of right now), it’s still a great movie.

21 Jump Street gets 4 police academies out of 5. (4 out of 5 stars)

I thought of a good reason for 4 stars! … It’s another re-hash of something from the 80’s. Please stop. Especially Top gun 2.


The Artist

Blah blah blah The Golden Globes. Blah blah blah The Baftas. Blah Blah Blah The Oscars.

The artist certainly shot to award winning fame last month and for that reason I’m going to stave away from mentioning the Oscars too much. Yes, ladies and gents, I will bring you a review without me even criticising the highly overrated award show that gives prizes to self-promoting millionaire actors whose fake smiling appearances makes my eyes pop out through sheer boredom.

Damn! I just couldn’t help myself.

All being said and done The Artist is a truly fantastic film and deserves it’s plaudits. The film is set in 1920’s in and amongst the studios of silent era Hollywood. Peppy Miller(Berenice Bejo) is an out of work actress who stumbles onto the red carpet of big film star, George Valentin’s film premiere. After getting snapped up in the papers she gets her five minutes of fame that land her in a role as an extra in Valentin’s new film. When the two meet again  they are unable to take their eyes off of each other and she gradually falls in love with him. As these heart warming scenes pass on by the technology for sound films or “talkies” came into fruition and this was Peppy’s chance to make it big time with the new young generation of film stars. But George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is too stubborn for change and finds himself broke from losing money on his own personally financed film. With George out of work the circumstances that the two lead characters find themselves in have been reversed. Can Peppy’s love for George overcome the dividing factor of fame? Can George stop being so stupidly determined on his own silent film fame? Can I stop talking about the story and actually review the film before your eyes pop out?

Lets hope so.

I think I’ll start off by saying this film is basically a film buff’s dream. There are so many references to old black and white films, silent and sound, namely Sunset Boulevard for example. Yet it excels as being the paradigm of all the golden silent films. Of course, a silent film in an era full of Michael bay explosions, Zach Snyder Slow-motion and George Lucas franchise raping will stand out even if it wasn’t as truly sexcellent as the film turned out to be (yes, Sexcellent). Is it now suddenly overrated because of that? No chance. Especially with a wonderfully juxtaposed plot of the two leads fame and fortunes or lack thereof. Music that flows in keeping with the films mood and kept my Nicholas Cage action minded brain to the full attention of the film. Michel Hazanavicius’ Superb directing and his crafted scene of Valentin’s dream that included sound effects with a feather dropping to the sound of a huge explosion. Or is it just Dujardin’s and Bejo’s sheer drive for the possibility of there own fame that made this film stand out. Dujardin was phenomenal. In it he just seems to command every scene flawlessly and his clever facial reactions speak for themselves and the environment he is in. Bejo suited the role perfectly being young, beautiful and talented. She carried an almost mysterious persona but lacked the powerful presence of Dujardin. The other actors like John Goodman and James Cromwell did well but were out staged throughout and even the dog,uggie, merited more attention than they did. Just so you know Cromwell is that guy who played the farmer in Babe. That movie really brings home the bacon! mmm Bacon. Mmmmm Barbecue!

Anyway getting past my insane appetite for salty foods aside

I did have one criticism … when the film was truly silent and the music stopped … I got kind of bored. Damn you Nicholas Cage and Jason Statham. And damn you chuck Norris for filling my brain with too many awesome and truly sexcellent mind blowing action scenes(phew, dodged a bullet. I thought i was going to get a roadhouse kick to the face then). Apart from my one cynical nitpick, The Artist is a top film and will no doubt be referenced in other media for years to come. Even when you’re going in you don’t like the prospect of a silent movie you’ll still be leaving with a permanent smile on your face. Now how many films have done that this year?

The Artist gets 5 Awesomely awesome action stars. (5 out of 5 stars)

Chuck Norris = 5 stars.

Hmmm maybe Nicholas Cage’s eyes will pop out in Ghost Rider? Nooooo! it’s too soon!



So Sean William-Scott is here and I must profess a weakness to him because he’s Stifler, I think he’s brilliant and under used as an actor, that being said I’ll try to stem my man crush for the time being (oh yeah and he’s pretty stacked). Probably a bit late on this review given that Goon is no longer showing at most cinemas but we (tripod) watched it and nothing has been posted for a while.

Not really a lot to explain for the premise of this film, Sean William-Scott is Doug Glatt a Bouncer and therefore the black sheep in his brainy Jewish family (and Eugene levy is his dad, he may be the greatest film dad of all time), he then discovers ice hockey where his talent for punching people in the face can flourish. I should mention you don’t need to know anything about ice hockey to watch this film.

Obviously Sean William-Scott has the lead role and does a good job with it, the biggest problem is that he’s a bit type cast so it’s hard to buy in to him being the dim-witted Doug at times. Support is provided by Jay Baruchel as his foul mouthed friend Pat who I think goes a bit over the top at times and gets so wrapped up in the glory of being Doug’s friend it’s hard to tell if he really cares about him or whether having Doug as a friend was just handy in a bar fight, this could be forgiven for a script issue but Jay Baruchel helped write the screenplay so unfortunately it’s all on him. Alison pill (she was Kim pine is Scott pilgrim) is Eva, the love interest, her performance is without fault, hard to say why without giving away any spoilers but she has issues and is pretty torn. Oh and finally Liev Schreiber is Ross rhea, a famous ageing enforcer (that means a player who takes people down by body checking or throwing down (throwing down means fighting)…I think) anyway he’s pretty badass and that’ll do for casting as I’m not going in to all his team members.

With this being ice hockey it’s set in north America/southern Canada and there is some touring around but I know nothing of Canadian geography and I’m guessing most people don’t so it’s hard to know how far away Doug is from home and familiarity so all settings can be pretty much ignored, there is snow though.

Now a warning because some people have been fairly negative on this film for the gore factor so the warning is: this film is called goon and is about a guy with ‘golden fists’ so there is blood and some nasty injuries that really make you cringe but try to man up. I should say the people saying bad things are a few critics but they should lose their job, seeing this and complaining about violence and gore is like watching jackass and saying you expected much less stupidity and things involving genitals.

So the verdict; despite its flaws it’s actually a pretty great film and unlike a lot of recent films it ends in the right place even if it does meander somewhat in the middle but it’s loveable, a pretty good start to the year for all involved and hopefully the start of a good run for Sean William-Scott which hopefully will carry on to American reunion (not sure why they didn’t call it American pie: the reunion) anyway it gets 4 people that are on Doug Glatt’s intellectual level

So that’s 4 stars as Jedward are counted seperately, can’t help but think they should all get to together to play poker or orgainse the next live aid/live 8 sort of thing.

Lastly here’s the trailer:

This review was written by James “know it all” Knowland.

Film buff extraordinaire and the beefiest self proclaimed geek that i will ever know, james’ reviews are the cutting edge of tripodfilm’s witty entertainment, even if he has a man crush on Sean William Scott. Well who doesn’t.                        

And now you finally know that I’m not taking credit for all the reviews on tripodfilm.                                     

This segment was brought to you by Jon “huge liar” Hughes.


It takes a pair to beat the odds

Hooray I’m back reviewing films again! Well it has been a while since I have reviewed anything and that’s mostly got something to do with a game called Skyrim. It is an epic game and I would recommend anybody that likes games and has two weeks to spare to buy it. But if you weren’t here for the 50/50 review than you’d probably be playing the game right now or taking my advice and buying the game right now. Either way I may have just got your attention long enough for you to read this first paragraph. Hooray indeed!

A Comedy about Cancer? okay first impressions aren’t so great as cancer isn’t something to laugh about. But with the guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun and the other guy from undeclared(wait they were both in films before this!? oh well these obscure TV references will have to do) It does actually make for a surprisingly good film. The start of the film is actually quite upbeat and funny even when he discovers he has a cancer that has a 50% survival rate (*hic* dat’s why they gone and done named it dat 50/50 movie *hic*). However this film as predicted does get really serious in parts which is obviously needed in a film like this and doesn’t feel overdone as you do care for joseph gordon levitt’s character. So much in fact that when I saw it with my two of my mates I was at the breaking point of crying. It’s not like I’m with a girl and I’m showing her a more sensitive side to myself. Instead I’m with the tripod(yes me and my two friends call ourselves that) and I’m just hoping that I’m as awesome as Chuck Norris so if I was to cry … than it might just cure his cancer. Don’t worry though I actually didn’t cry ….


okay more awesome thoughts … Die Hard, Lethal weapon and Beverly hills cop. And I’m back.

So Even though the two main characters are what make this film stand on it’s own two feet. There are also some really great side characters that give it that much needed third foot (TRIPOD!!! OH YEAH!!!). For instance the two old guys that he gets his chemo with are really funny and should have had bigger parts. And his Therapist is amazing in it as well but that could be because she screams hotness! Yet not all of the film is this amazing. His parents and girlfriend are characters that probably had to be included to make the story as a whole work but I just sort of got bored whenever they were on the screen. Plus it can be slow in some places and it’s not like I’m going to see it again anytime soon cause it is about cancer and that can make me really depressed :(!

Also I’d just like to mention the music from the film is a great mix of feel good but also feel really bad music that you can’t help but noticing why there isn’t a soundtrack out. But hey that’s what Spotify is for I suppose!

Previously I haven’t used any kind of rating on my reviews and I thought it high time I did. So I award 50/50 4 out of 5 Chuck Norris’s!

Thank You Chuck Norris. That might be too high in praise though depending on how awesome you think chuck Norris is … Basically I gave it 4 stars out of 5.

Here’s the depressing but great music that I NEARLY cried to: Liars – The Other Side Of Mt Heart Attack

Btw I sometimes hyperlink some of the words in my review to Youtube videos and Imdb so click on them at your own leizuriey.