Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White And The Huntsman… and the Pizza Boy and the Mechanic and the Gym Instructor and that’ll probably do.

Now I can’t say I watched the Disney cartoon version to remind me of the original story, just not something I was willing to do, did watch it when I was 5 so it’s a bit hazy but largely irrelevant to this film; though it does give the odd nod to certain things and keeps certain pieces of the originals plot so that it’s still snow White in more than name.

Kristen Stewart is Snow White and she’s really in familiar territory, wide eyed innocence, mouth slightly aghast with a slight petrifying fear of almost everything for certainly first half of the film, she gains a bit more attitude as it goes on which is certainly needed to make her more likeable and it’s not that she does a bad job at all, it’s just familiar territory which leaves her role feeling like a safe bet despite being done well. Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman who for reasons I don’t understand is Scottish (for most of the time) possibly to seem less Thor-ish, not sure it was really necessary though given that he’s more grizzled, in need of a shower with some head and shoulders or sleek and shine to get Thor’s glossy coat and most importantly he’s wielding an axe as opposed to the one handed blunt force weapon of legend Mjolnir (I did have to look that up also I’ve decided axes may be the weapon of the year with Abe Lincoln opting for one as well and that there must be some kind axe martial art being created, Axe-Jitsu or Tae-Axe-Do or something). Accent aside Hemsworth is plenty convincing as the emotionally damaged brute with a soft spot. Chalize Theron is Ravenna the ice queen and evil step mother to Snow White who likes nothing more than to suck the life out of things (….lol) as well as remaining on her quest for immortality for which Snow may just be the answer, Theron really delivers the best performance remaining permanently cold and sharp tongued with sinister things brewing under the surface even down to the way she moves implies she’s almost other worldly. Also worth mentioning are the Dwarves, no not the singing type, these Dwarves actually fight and supply some humour along the way, a bonus then that they are played by some big names; Nick Frost, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskings and Ray Winstone amongst them.

On the plus side for this film is that Burton (as in Tim) didn’t get a hold of it, which when I first heard of it I thought may be the case and feared another Alice In Wonderland. It’s a more modern take on the idea, particularly throwing the Huntsman in to the mix, some violence and the Queen having more of a God complex as opposed to just not liking Snow because she’s pretty. I have to say its kind of hard to go through the successes and short comings of Snow White (partially because this review has been written over two weeks and I forget but) mainly because there are no glaring errors and equally nothing astonishing of note, slight plot hole how Snow suddenly develops a spine.

So an enjoyable enough re-imagining and it left room for a sequel, which given the ground work this film has already laid down, I would be quite happy to go and see, guess that means it gets 3 open mouthed Kristen Stewarts or 3 stars, point being that does that girl have any need of a nose?

Not sure I care why she keeps doing it but can’t say I’d be complaining, I kept my thing for her out of the review but it had to be mentioned at some point. Anyway here’s the trailer:

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