So Sean William-Scott is here and I must profess a weakness to him because he’s Stifler, I think he’s brilliant and under used as an actor, that being said I’ll try to stem my man crush for the time being (oh yeah and he’s pretty stacked). Probably a bit late on this review given that Goon is no longer showing at most cinemas but we (tripod) watched it and nothing has been posted for a while.

Not really a lot to explain for the premise of this film, Sean William-Scott is Doug Glatt a Bouncer and therefore the black sheep in his brainy Jewish family (and Eugene levy is his dad, he may be the greatest film dad of all time), he then discovers ice hockey where his talent for punching people in the face can flourish. I should mention you don’t need to know anything about ice hockey to watch this film.

Obviously Sean William-Scott has the lead role and does a good job with it, the biggest problem is that he’s a bit type cast so it’s hard to buy in to him being the dim-witted Doug at times. Support is provided by Jay Baruchel as his foul mouthed friend Pat who I think goes a bit over the top at times and gets so wrapped up in the glory of being Doug’s friend it’s hard to tell if he really cares about him or whether having Doug as a friend was just handy in a bar fight, this could be forgiven for a script issue but Jay Baruchel helped write the screenplay so unfortunately it’s all on him. Alison pill (she was Kim pine is Scott pilgrim) is Eva, the love interest, her performance is without fault, hard to say why without giving away any spoilers but she has issues and is pretty torn. Oh and finally Liev Schreiber is Ross rhea, a famous ageing enforcer (that means a player who takes people down by body checking or throwing down (throwing down means fighting)…I think) anyway he’s pretty badass and that’ll do for casting as I’m not going in to all his team members.

With this being ice hockey it’s set in north America/southern Canada and there is some touring around but I know nothing of Canadian geography and I’m guessing most people don’t so it’s hard to know how far away Doug is from home and familiarity so all settings can be pretty much ignored, there is snow though.

Now a warning because some people have been fairly negative on this film for the gore factor so the warning is: this film is called goon and is about a guy with ‘golden fists’ so there is blood and some nasty injuries that really make you cringe but try to man up. I should say the people saying bad things are a few critics but they should lose their job, seeing this and complaining about violence and gore is like watching jackass and saying you expected much less stupidity and things involving genitals.

So the verdict; despite its flaws it’s actually a pretty great film and unlike a lot of recent films it ends in the right place even if it does meander somewhat in the middle but it’s loveable, a pretty good start to the year for all involved and hopefully the start of a good run for Sean William-Scott which hopefully will carry on to American reunion (not sure why they didn’t call it American pie: the reunion) anyway it gets 4 people that are on Doug Glatt’s intellectual level

So that’s 4 stars as Jedward are counted seperately, can’t help but think they should all get to together to play poker or orgainse the next live aid/live 8 sort of thing.

Lastly here’s the trailer:

This review was written by James “know it all” Knowland.

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Evil shall with evil be expelled

I was hyped for this film. Mainly because of the awesome trailer that shows flashes of the title while a really good Led Zepplin cover is being blasted at you over the top of it. But it was also because it was being directed by David Fincher. A director who can make an everyday task like typing on a keyboard for example and turn it into a tense involving scene that had the same thrills as if we were watching a car chase. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo however involves murder and explicit rape that would mire the film with controversy so that only someone with Fincher’s talent could bring it to the silver screen. It would of also have been brilliant apart from one small problem … It’s been done before.

A discredited investigative journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, is tasked to solve the murder of Harriet Vanger that took place 40 years ago on a remote Swedish island. On this Island he finds himself surrounded by the Vagner family all of whom have some shady secret or another and find themselves as suspects to the killing. Soon finding a dead end he enlists the help of a professional hacker, Lisbeth Salander played by the excellent Rooney Mara. She herself also hides her past and has been on the wrong end of horrible abuse from the authorities. It’s a good story that shows plenty of promise as a film adaptation but as it was the second adaptation to Stieg Larsson’s book it plainly wasn’t needed.

In fact the original was slightly better than Fincher’s version because it didn’t drag on at the end and didn’t include some distracting bond music video at the start. They are basically the same film though and there was a chance in this film to correct the flaws of the original but it annoyingly turned out to be the lesser version of the two. Hollywood must think that people aren’t clever enough to read subtitles so they have to remake all the good foreign language films and “Americanise” them. It’s just bullshit and is definitely not a reason to remake something. Plus the sexual violence in it was not needed for the story and only served to make me cringe throughout. Of course the reason for it being there is to help us understand Lisbeth a bit more but have you ever thought about cutting away before the more horrifying events take place. We can then assume she’s been raped instead of watching images that might distract you from the rest of the film and put it out of context. Then it takes a century … no a millennium (get it? Millenium trilogy! Suit yourselves then) for Lisbeth and Mikael to actually meet with each other. That’s the most important bit of the film and it takes place closer to the end making everything before there meeting seem irrelevant because it took so bloody long to happen. Besides that the crappy bond intro is also way out of context! And having Daniel Craig starring in a film doesn’t automatically make it acceptable as well. Especially when he doesn’t even bother to have a Swedish accent apparently because his character would seem more natural. Well 007 that might make you sound cool but it instantly makes everyone else sound like a total idiot and out of place. Or is that the other way around ….

Ok rant over as I may be starting to get confused.

Don’t get me wrong though this film was actually quite good believe it or not. What it did bring to the table that the original did not was stylish cinematography. The film looks great and makes you feel cold while you watch all the actors freeze to death in the white Swedish landscape. On that note the acting is also grade A and Rooney Mara’s performance, while simililar to that of Noomi Rapace’s, is unrecognisable from her past role as Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend in Fincher’s The Social Network. Daniel Craig still did a good job (even with his own “Sean Connery couldn’t be bothered so neither can I” accent) but he put on too much 007 cool and was not like the everyman that Blomkvist was supposed to be. The film itself is a tense ride throughout and you feel like you need to pay constant attention as the story fully engrosses you with the sadistic tales of the families history. As well as that the score by Trent Reznor is a hair-raising and shudder-some sound,  giving that ominous feel to prepare you for disturbing future events. It also put me off the song – Sail Away by Enya and if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean.

All being said I’ll give The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 4 Connerys out of 5. Why Sean Connery? Why not? He’s awesome!

Here’s a part of the score just for you guys. Enjoy!